Discount Anti-Static Chair Mats

Our anti-static desk mats help protect users and sensitive electronic equipment (including computers, copiers, printers, servers, etc.) from electrical shocks that can be generated while seated at one's desk. Please note that these mats do NOT protect against a static discharge after walking around & then stepping on the chair mat; they only help prevent charges from building up initially when seated.

• Designed with a gripper backing, our desk mats are made to stay put on carpeted surface floors.

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• Desk chair mats are 0.145" (145 mil or approx 1/7") thick and work well on any carpeted surface.

• NOTE: A "lip" is defined as a protrusion or extension from the edge of the mat. The lip protects the floor under the desk where the chair may roll if scooted all the way in. Both pictures to the left have a lip.

• NOTE: Chair Mats with a lip are listed using the overall size of the mat including the lip; thus, the rectangular portion of the mat is smaller than the corresponding size listed.

Item No: D.CMAS

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Discount Anti-Static Chair Mats
  • Discount Anti-Static Chair Mats
  • Discount Anti-Static Chair Mats

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Anti-Static Desk Chair Mats

Anti-Static Desk Chair Mats

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