Drainage Floor Tiles

Modular Drainage Floor Tiles are the best way to cover any non-rectangular area needing drainage. Drainage Tiles are perfect for any wet or greasy environment including locker rooms, manufacturing facilities, pools and shower facilities. These modular tiles function well both indoors and outside and can withstand UV light, extreme tempatures and heavy loads.

Duragrid Deck Matting

Duragrid Deck Matting

• 12" x 12" x 1/2" thick interlocking drainage tiles
• Helps prevent slips and falls by keeping the walking surface safe and dry
• Comfortable to walk on barefoot
• Can easily be configured to any size or shape
• Beveled ramp edges & corners available
Drainage Rubber Matting Tiles

Drainage Rubber Matting Tiles

• Textured surface removes debris and allows moisture to drain through
• 9/16" thick for outstanding comfort and durability
• Anti-Microbial treated Nitrile rubber; oil and grease proof
• Ideal for heavy-usage, indoor / outdoor areas
Turtle Tile Shower Matting

Turtle Tile Shower Matting

• Heavy Duty 12" x 12" x 3/4" thick interlocking drainage tiles
• Keeps your walking surface safe and dry to prevent slips and falls
• Comfortable to walk on without shoes
• Create custom configurations on site easily
• Beveled ramps & corners available (ADA Compliant)
Cushion Ease Kitchen Mat Tiles

Cushion Ease Kitchen Mat Tiles

With Cushion Ease Kitchen Mat Tiles you can easily create custom configurations on-site. The tiles provide exceptional fatigue relief.

• Resilient, 100% nitrile rubber
• Available 3/4" thick
• Large-hole drainage and maximum support
Free Flow Drainage Tiles

Free Flow Drainage Tiles

Free Flow Drainage Tiles are interlocking tiles that help improve appearance and traction by keeping work areas safe and dry, which can reduce slip & fall accidents.

• Simple "snap together" installation - no tools or glue!
• 12" x 12" square tile - 1/2" thick
• Supports over 50,000 pounds of weight
• 12 great colors to choose from