1 13/16" Recessed Grille Mats

This Recessed Grille Mat offers the most storage for dirt, debris and moisture with its 1 13/16" deep rails. 1" vinyl cushions spaced 20" on center under the rail protect the aluminum structure and greatly reduce clanging on the concrete underneath. Heavy support channels and legs allow the grid to be placed over recesses designed as deep as 4 3/16", and, in the most severe climates, can be combined with optional drain pans and strainers that connect to plumbing piping.

• These recessed grill mats are designed to allow dirt and debris to fall through mat instead and not on the surface.

• 1 13/16" metal mats can be lifted out easily for cleaning.

• The variety of insert and aluminum finish options offers an aesthetically pleasing metal mat that effectively removes dirt, debris and moisture. Insert materials include heavy-duty carpet, corrugated vinyl, abrasive carbide grits and serrated aluminum.

• Replacement insert strips are also available.

• Able to fill recesses between 1 13/16" to 4 3/16" deep.

• 400 lbs rolling load capacity per wheel.

Item No: RGR11316

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    1 13/16" Recessed Grille Mats
    • 1 13/16" Recessed Grille Mats
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