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VividPlay Rubber Playground Flooring Tiles

VividPlay Rubber Playground Flooring Tiles are an excellent way to beautify any playground area while providing certified, fall protection for children while playing on slides, swings and other playground equipment.

• Our certified FallSafe(R) rubber playground flooring protects up to a 72" fall height and is both CPSC Compliant as well as ASTMF1292-04 compliant.

• Not only are custom colors attainable but custom logo designs are also available and can range from one single tile to entire playground areas.

• These heavy-duty rubber playground tiles are made from recycled rubber tires and carry a 15 year warranty.

• QuadBlock interlocking connectors are the perfect alternative to labor intensive pour-in-place and glue-down systems. These modular connectors feature precisely located openings that lock into the bottom corner of each tile to securely fasten the playground tiles together. The connectors are quick and easy to use and they allow the removal or replacement of individual tiles with minimal disruption and labor. A QuadBlock per tile is used to securely connect playground tiles together.

• Beveled Edging (8" deep, 4' long), ADA ramps and dowels are available to finish off any playground flooring installation.


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Standard Configuration

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Standard Sizes (Approximate)
Tap Row For Volume PricingorShow All
1-50 $45.22
51-100 $43.98
101-250 $42.69
251-2500 $41.45
1-50 $52.46
51-100 $51.28
101-250 $49.60
251-2500 $48.47
1-50 $37.36
51-100 $36.20
101-250 $35.12
251-2500 $34.08
1-50 $7.52
51-100 $6.63
101-250 $6.14
251-2500 $5.97

Customer Questions & Answers

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Will a dog's nails tear up the tiles? What about cat claws?
- Vonda S.

Animal nails / pet claws running around on the tiles will not damage or negatively impact them.

If I want to glue the playground tiles to concrete what would I use?
- Jeffrey O.

A polyurethane adhesive is recommended to glue down the rubber playground tiles.

Are these playground tiles IPEMA certified?
- Larry H.

Yes, these 2.5" thick heavy-duty rubber tiles are certified safe according to the IPEMA guidelines.

Can I paint the tiles?
- Dionne W.

Sure, you can safely paint the tiles with acrylic-based paint so that it holds firmly to the tile and also holds up to the elements.

Could a truck be driven over the tiles occasionally?
- LeRoy W.

Yes, when properly installed, the tiles are strong enough to support the weight of a car, truck, van, SUV, etc. driving over top of them.

Can a wheelchair easily roll over the tiles? What about getting on and off the tiles?
- Steve W.

A wheelchair can easily and safely roll across the playground tiles without getting caught in anything.  ADA-compliant safety ramps are beveled (sloped) so that they provide a gradual transition on and off the tiles for everyone.

Could Rubber Playground Tiles be used as rooftop pavers?
- Mark W.

Yes, these heavy-duty rubber tiles can certainly be used for roof pavers - they'll easily be able to handle heavier objects, disperse weight evenly and hold up to the sun, rain and snow.

These tiles are being used in a county park and need to meet fire rating ASTM E108.
- Anthony C.

These rubber playground tiles meet the class A requirements for ASTM E108 flame spread rating.

How do I clean the tiles? We're using them indoors.
- Martin F.

Vacuuming should remove just about all of the day-to-day dirt, dust and debris.  For tougher spills and stains, warm water and a little liquid soap / mild detergent should do the trick.  (Just be sure to avoid a petroleum based cleaner, as they could, eventually, break down the rubber).

Is it okay to use these tiles around a pool?
- Huey L.

Rubber Playground Tiles can safely be used around a pool area - they'll provide a safe, slip-resistant surface and hold up to the elements (rain, snow, sun, wind) as well as the pool water.  Lighter colors (really anything other than black) may be preferred since they reflect more heat and would feel best under bare feet.

Can I place heavy furniture and equipment on top of the tiles? Will it damage them?
- Tommy A.

Placing heavy equipment and/or furniture on top of these rubber playground tiles will not damaged or negatively affect the performance or useful life in any way.

Are the connectors easy to install? How many would I need? Are they included?
- Gordo B.

The QuadBlock Connectors are very simple to install - the corner of each tile snaps into one corner of each connector.  Thus, for every tile you need one quadblock (and thus a 1 to 1 ratio of tiles to connectors).  The Quad Blocks are included in the price for the 1" tiles but must be purchased separately for the 2.5" thick rubber tiles.

Will the rubber in these playground tiles crack during a cold winter?
- Sam H.

Rubber Playground Tiles are safe to leave outdoors all winter long, even in harsh climates.  The rubber may contract a little during the cold but this would not affect the durability, longevity or performance of the tiles.

I want to place these playground tiles on top of a concrete slab. Do I need to use an underlayment?
- Jerry G.

Rubber Playground tiles can safely and securely be placed directly on top of concrete without the need for a secondary layer or underlayment product.

If these playground tiles are used in a playground next to a splash park and kids walk on the tiles barefoot will their feet get hot?
- Stevie N.

In a hot climate/in the summer, anything outside can get a little warm.  These tiles will stay cooler than traditional asphalt or concrete surfaces (and many other manmade surfaces as well).  Also, colors other than black would reflect more heat and stay cooler.  Barefoot children should not have a problem walking over the tiles, even on warmer days.

Can you just install the tiles over grass?
- Mary P.

For playground tiles to be installed over grass, the ground should be flat and free of any yard debris.  Though probably unnecessary, weed fabric will prevent any grass from potentially growing underneath the tiles.  Please be sure to connect the tiles using the proper accessories.

How do we cut the tiles down? The playground butts up against a fence and we need to trim them on 1 side.
- Danny W.

Rubber Playground Tiles can be cut on site in a few different ways.  The simplest way is to use a utility (razor) knife with a fresh blade and a straight edge for a clean cut.  It'll take a few strokes of the knife due to the thickness of these rubber tiles but it will not take an overwhelming effort to cut them.  They can also be trimmed down using a tile (flooring) cutter or a chop saw / band saw with a fine-tooth blade.  (Another option is the use a serrated knife but this could leave you with a slightly rough edge, which may be fine if butting up against a timber, fence, etc.)

Are there toxic chemicals inside the tiles? Do they have a strong odor?
- Ann W.

Rubber Playground Tiles are manufactured here in the US with American-sourced raw components so that we can control the composition of these tiles.  No toxic chemicals or other harmful components are included in the production of these rubber tiles.  Although it's possible for there to be a slight 'new car' smell after the rubber is made, it would quickly dissipate and would not pose any serious health concerns.

Do the tiles allow water and snow to drain through them?
- Jonathan B.

Yes, water can work its way through the seams between the playground tiles to drain down to the ground, helping to keep the surface safe and allowing it to dry quicker.  

We have a small playground for our two toddlers in the backyard on top of a concrete patio. Can these rubber tiles provide a safe play surface?
- Bean B.

Certainly - rubber playground flooring would be a great surface for a number of reasons: these tiles are easy to install and will provide immediate safety cushioning should the children slip or fall, helping to lessen the impact.  Even if these rubber tiles get wet, there's still sufficient traction with their shoes (or even bare feet).  Beveled safety edges can be added for a more gradual transition on and off the playground matting.  Because the tiles come in a variety of colors, you can mix and match and spruce up the space as compared to a grey, concrete floor.

Can these playground tiles be installed over hard-packed dirt?
- Love J.

When properly installed, these rubber playground tiles can safely be used on top of compacted dirt and/or gravel without fear of separation or damage.

Do these playground tiles conform to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's requirements for safety when it comes to fall areas? What about ASTM F1292?
- Bana R.

Rubber Playground Tiles are designed to protect children when playing in and around elevated equipment, including playgrounds.  These rubber tiles help cushion the impact during a fall to reduce injuries that could be sustained when compared to falling on a hard surface.  The 2.5" thick rubber tiles meet the CPSC's guidelines for heights up to 6'.  These tiles also meet the requirements of ASTM F1292 for critical drop height.

Where are these playground tiles made? Are there toxic metals or BPA?
- Star S.

All of our rubber playground tiles are manufactured here in the US from American-sourced raw components to ensure a high-quality, safe and long-lasting playground flooring solution.  The premium, commercial-grade rubber used in these tiles is thoroughly cleaned and impurities are filtered out so as not to contain toxins, heavy metals (like lead, mercury and arsenic) and no fillers or plastics like BPA, are ever added to the rubber.

What's the warranty on these rubber tiles?
- Emilio E.

Rubber Playground Tiles come with a 15 year warranty against any manufacturing defects.  Should you need a copy of the full warranty, just send us a message with your email and we'll send it right over to you!

Will the playground tiles get mildew or mold from being left outside?
- Gloria E.

Playground tiles are made of premium, commercial-grade rubber and are mold and mild-resistant.  Rain and snow can easily drain off/through the tiles and, since they're not air tight, any moisture would be able to evaporate accordingly.

What's the best surface to install the rubber tiles on?
- Bob S.

Though these rubber playground tiles can be installed on a number of surfaces - asphalt, concrete, compacted crushed stone/gravel and even compacted dirt/grass, the best scenario is to install the tiles over a flat, solid surface to help ensure that the tiles perform to their maximum capacity.  Having some tiles on one type of surface and other tiles on a different surface isn't an issue as long as the ground is still solid and even.

Are the tiles slippery when wet?
- David C.

The rubber employed in these tiles is slip-resistant and, even when fully wet, has a high coefficient of friction to help prevent slips and falls.

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