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Best Garage Flooring - Rolls or Tiles?

Best Garage Flooring

A Review of Garage Roll Matting, Interlocking Tiles and Peel & Stick Tiles


With all the dirt, debris and water that gets tracked into garages every season, it's no wonder that garage flooring has become such a popular floor matting option for both residential and commercial locations.  Garage flooring is typically sold in three formats - large rolls, interlocking tiles and peel and stick tiles - and each has pros and cons over the others.  Below is an outline of the features of each type of garage floor matting to help determine the best option for any situation.


Roll out garage flooring is the most popular type of garage flooring today.  With 4 different surface styles (including rib, coin, diamond tread and levant (smooth)) and up to 6 colors, roll out flooring offers a fitting design for any location.  The rolls come in a variety of widths and lengths to fit most normal sized garages.  Additionally, the price of this type of flooring is the most economical.

Roll out garage flooring is the easiest way to cover the majority of any garage.  With rolls available 7.5', 8', 9' and 10' wide and standard lengths ranging from 14' to 24' long, there's often a standard sized roll to closely match the garage dimensions.  Some customers prefer to have the flooring reach wall-to-wall, in which case the matting must often be cut around steps, support beams, door frames, etc.  Because the material is easily trimmable with either a pair of scissors or a utility knife, customizing is easy.  Additionally, accessory products including connector seams, edging and tapes make installing this material quick and easy.  For those that like to give their flooring a good cleaning, this matting can be easily re-rolled or simply dragged outside and hosed down as needed.

Roll out garage flooring is the least expensive option of all garage flooring, even with custom cut sizes.  Ranging from $1.60 per square foot for standard size mats and from $1.88 per square foot for custom size garage flooring, roll goods are an attractive option.

Another great feature of the large format roll matting is that it's just that - one big, continuous piece of matting.  Thus, dirt, debris, engine fluids, salts, water and snow cannot penetrate through the mat and thus can't damage and stain the floor itself.  Sweeping dirt and mopping liquids along the mat's surface towards the garage door make it easy to quickly remove these contaminants from inside the garage.


Interlocking garage floor tiles allow easy customization to fit non-standard sized garages and non-rectangular areas.  Interlocking garage tiles are perfect for fitting flooring around cabinets, steps, floor drains, shelving, piping and any other objects that could hamper the use of a traditional, rectangular roll out mat.  Because each tile is an individual piece, different colors and patterns can be used in combination.  Also, beveled edges help finish off the flooring and provide a smooth transition on and off the tiles.

Interlocking garage tiles are the heaviest-duty garage flooring available.  Made from commercial-grade PVC, these tiles are manufactured to last for years in high-traffic, industrial spaces.  Warranties start at 10 years regardless of the environment.

Tiles come in a variety of surface patterns with different styles offering drainage, easy cleaning and/or higher traction.  A plethora of colors help coordinate with just about any space.  Common patterns include having a different color perimeter set of tiles, checkerboard with two or more colors and boxes and outlines marking where cars and other objects below - the designs are only limited by imagination.

Ranging from 12" x 12" to 20" x 20", the tiles are easy enough to handle, modify and install with just one person.  Tiles can be cut down with a few strokes from a sharp razor knife or a fine tooth saw.  Installing can be accomplished by placing weight on the interlocking teeth or using a rubber mallet.  Edging is applied similarly.

Prices of interlocking tile range from about $2.45 to over $7 so be sure to find the type of tile that best fits your garage and your budget.  Price is not dictated by color, but rather by the thickness and style of the tile as well as its size.

Premium and Tuff Seal tiles are guaranteed to be water-tight and will not allow any rain, snow, engine fluids or anything else to fall between them, allowing for greater floor protection and easy cleaning.


Peel & stick garage tiles provide the customization and design configuration of a tile but the easy installation of an adhesive product.  These tiles come with an adhesive already applied to the underside of the tile and protected with a wax film that can easily be peeled away before placing the tile on the floor.  The surface patterns are more limited but the floor (and wall) areas can be covered and the designs are many.  Peel & stick floor tiles are best for spaces that have a clean, level floor in good condition.

Peel and stick garage tiles help provide an attractive design option compared to roll out garage flooring.  These tiles can be arranged in a wide variety of patterns to add an attractive element to any garage.  Simply cut the tiles with a razor knife, if necessary, to size and simply apply to a clean, dry floor.  That's it - quick and easy!  If the tiles are placed closely together, liquids should not be able to get underneath.

These 95mil thick tiles are sold in full cases and come either 12" x 12" or 24" x 24" for easy measuring, handling and installation.  (All interlocking tiles are available as individual pieces).

Starting at $3.15 per square foot, these tiles fall in the middle between roll matting and interlocking tiles.  The only caveat is that these tiles need to be purchased in cases of a minimum of 10 tiles.

A neat option for peel and stick tiles is that they can also be used for wall base / wall covering to match the floor.  Simply make sure the wall is clean and dry and then apply the tiles to the wall just as they would adhere to the floor for a seamless look.


All three types of garage flooring - roll out mats, interlocking tiles and peel and stick tiles - work well in most garage setting.  Figuring out what's best is often dictated by the size/shape of the garage, color(s) needed, price, installation time/skill, easy of cleaning and maintenance.  Each option carries certain benefits and drawbacks that will make choosing and using the garage flooring a rewarding addition to any garage, warehouse, hangar, basement or just about anywhere else this flooring is used.

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