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Brown Rubber Mulch


Brown Rubber Mulch offers superior, certified fall protection for kids at play on swings, slides and other playground equipment while also great for long-term landscaping use. Made from 100% recycled Brown rubber, this is the perfect loose-fill Brown rubber mulch groundcover for playgrounds and other landscaping applications.

• Rated as the safest groundcover on the market
• Provides a soft surface to keep children safe on the playground
• 5 times heavier than wood mulch – will not blow away
• Will not float, absorb water or erode during heavy rain and flooding
• Does not attract termites, carpenter ants or other harmful insects
• Warrantied against fading for up to 12 years
• IPEMA and ASTM certified

Each 1/2 pallet (of 25 Brown rubber mulch bags) covers:
• 150 square feet of area at a 3 inch depth (6 feet of fall protection) or
• 75 square feet of area at a 6 inch depth (17 feet of fall protection)

Each pallet (of 50 Brown rubber mulch bags) covers:
• 300 square feet of area at a 3 inch depth (6 feet of fall protection) or
• 150 square feet of area at a 6 inch depth (17 feet of fall protection)

Item No: GRPM.BR

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Customer Questions & Answers

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Is this rubber safe? Can I use it around my house where my kids play and flowers grow?
- Etta J.

Certainly!  Rubber mulch is expertly engineered to be functional and extremely safe.  The rubber is carefully extracted, purified and finished for use in residential settings as well as playgrounds, schools and other environments with children and pets.  The manufacturing of the rubber follows stringent safety standards is designed to meet or exceed the strictest government standards so that they can be used without fear or concern.  The rubber mulch is non-toxic and IPEMA and ASTM certified safe.

Does the rubber rot? What about insects?
- Greg A.

This rubber doesn't rot even when constantly exposed to water since it doesn't absorb any moisture.  Also, since it's not a natural element like wood, bugs and other pests do burrow in it, break it down or want to have anything to do with it in general.

Does the rubber break down? If so, would it be problematic?
- Anthony K.

Rubber Mulch is engineered from a premium, high-density rubber and will not deteriorate or decompose regardless of use or climate.  The rubber will be equally functional decades after it's first put down.

Will the mulch blow away on a windy day?
- Gene S.

Rubber mulch stays in place quite well, even on windy days.  Compared to wood mulch, rubber mulch is 5x heavier and should not be affected by inclement weather.

Is the mulch ADA-compliant?
- Ace F.

Yes, this rubber mulch meets ADA-Compliance guidelines and is easy to walk across and roll over.

Will the color run and/or stain the surrounding grass?
- Sheryl C.

Thanks to its advanced Colorstay technology, rubber mulch is quite fade resistant.  Even when constantly exposed to the elements - including sun, rain and snow - the mulch continues to look great for many years (and the color won't run or stain).

What's the best way to finish off my playground after installing the mulch?
- Dave N.

The Rubber Timbers - Mulch Edging is an excellent option for providing a transition between a mulched space and the surrounding area. These timbers are made of the same safe, premium rubber, are easy to install, conform to virtually any shape/space and come in matching colors.

I use wood mulch and am constantly pulling weeds. Will this rubber mulch work better?
- Duane A.

Unlike wood, which provides a natural, nutrient-rich, soil for weeds to grow in, rubber is just the opposite and helps prevent weeds and other unwanted vegetation from growing (while still helping foster native plants, flowers and trees).  The reason is that the rubber makes it harder for seeds to germinate since it's not soil while purposely planted flora will flourish since it helps retain moisture better and deter bugs and other pests.

Where is the mulch manufactured?
- Rudi S.

Rubber Mulch is made here in the US from American-sourced raw components to ensure a high-quality, long-lasting product that conforms to the strictest government safety and health standards.

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