Buffalo Gym Mats - Stand-Alone

Indestructible rubber gym mats with textured surfaces, Buffalo Mats are designed for use as punishment pads in aerobic and weight-lifting areas.

• These gym floor mats are completely non-porous and thus will not absorb any sweat or spilled liquids.

• Available 3/8", 1/2" & 3/4" thick.

• A proprietary vulcanization process ensures that these rubber gym mats withstand even the most extreme environments and will always lay flat without curling up.

• All Buffalo rubber gym mats are resistant to bacterial growth. (A mitigating agent is added during manufacturing to reduce odors).

• These mats can be used as individual mats or lined up wall-to-wall to cover larger areas. (Please note that unlike puzzle tiles, these mats do not lock together).

Item No: GBU

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Standard Configuration

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Standard Sizes (Approximate)
Tap Row For Volume PricingorShow All
1 $136.00
2-10 $131.00
11-25 $127.00
25+ $124.00
1 $148.00
2-10 $144.00
11-25 $141.00
25+ $138.00
1 $159.00
2-10 $155.00
11-25 $151.00
25+ $148.00
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