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Do You Practice Risk Management? The Wet Umbrella Bag Stand

Do You Practice Risk Management?

The Wet Umbrella Bag Stand

by Craig Silverman (as seen in Building Safety News, April 2000)


Entrance Floor Mats have traditionally been used by building owners and managers alike to scrape off dirt, debris and moisture from tenants’ shoes, especially on rainy days.  Indoor and outdoor mats remove and retain these particles, helping to keep lobby floors safe and dry.  Yet, no matter how many entrance mats there are, some tenants always seem to find ways to make floors slippery with their wet umbrellas.


Enter the Wet Umbrella Bag Stand.  This revolutionary, yet quite simple product addresses the problem directly, thus helping to prevent slip and fall accidents.  Unlike its predecessors, this high-quality stand combines the best of both worlds: it is indeed sturdy, yet elegant and beautifully constructed.  Therefore, this umbrella stand is heavy enough so that it will not tip over yet fashionable enough in either a satin chrome or satin brass finish, that any manager would be proud to display this stand in their Class A building.


In addition to its construction and appearance, the Wet Umbrella Bag Stand is easy to use.  Guests simply pull off one of the disposable (and recyclable) bags and slip in their wet umbrella. The dripping water is held in and ensures the whole lobby area stays safe and dry.


The Wet Umbrella Bag Stand is a straightforward way to quickly increase tenant safety yet is also easy to maintain.  The product holds up to 400 bags at a time; one pad (of 200 bags) on each side of the post.  Each pad simply slides onto the safety hooks attached to the bottom of the sign bracket.  In addition to the stand and post, a matching frame and standard sign are included.  The sign reads, “Please help keep our lobby floors dry.  Use one of our complimentary wet umbrella bags.”  Custom signage is also available.


Many major commercial real estate firms, management companies and hospitals have already implemented this product.  Jones Lang LaSalle, CB Richard Ellis, Charles E. Smith/Vornado, Cushman & Wakefield, Transwestern and Georgetown University Hospital are just a few of their happy customers.  Says Steven Matthew of JLL, “The Wet Umbrella Bag Stand has been a major improvement in our tenant safety efforts.  We were able to effectively and immediately reduce the amount of water on our lobby floors and therefore reduce the number of slip and falls.”


The Wet Umbrella Bag Stand is priced at $399 in the satin chrome finish and $499 in the satin brass finish.  Additional cases of bags (sold in quantities of 1000) are $75.

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