European Wax Center - Carpeted Surface Floor Mats

European Wax Center Floor Mats are the highest quality carpeted entrance mats constructed from DuPont's finest Opti-twist, solution-dyed nylon fibers. Opti-twist nylon gets twisted during the manufacturing process to create extra strong fibers that help prevent crushing.

• These carpeted floor mats are backed and bordered with a slip-resistant Nitrile, which provides for maximum durability, longevity, resistance to grease and oils, and resistance to mat movement

• The surface of these deluxe entrance mats resists crushing, more effectively traps dirt, debris and moisture and extends performance life

• Use these floor mats as entrance door mats and walk-off mats as well as runner mats down corridors and hallways

• Clean floor mats by vacuuming, extraction cleaning, or hose and hang to dry. These floor mats are also commercially launderable.

Item No: Euro Wax Ctr

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    European Wax Center - Carpeted Surface Floor Mats
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