Fleur Di Lys Recycled Rubber Door Mats

Fleur Di Lys Cocoa Mats are an elegant and stylish way to spice up the entrance to a home.

Fleur Di Lys Cocoa Door Mats are made using the best, all natural, cocoa fibers, combined with the latest in manufacturing techniques, to make sure that the Fleur Di Lys Cocoa Mat is a heavy duty, environmentally friendly option, that will trap and stop dirt and grime, while still marinating it's original vibrancy.

Made from recycled rubber and natural latex.

The rubber will remove dirt and moisture into its scrollwork; it's easy to clean by hosing down.

Size: 18" x 30"

Thickness: 1/2" Thick

Item No: 173R

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    Fleur Di Lys Recycled Rubber Door Mats
      Sale Price: $33.25