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Industrial-Grade Stair Tread Tape

Industrial-Grade Stair Tread Tape replaces the need for roll-on and trowelable adhesives and securely adheres stair treads to steps. This double-sided stair tape is ideal for vinyl and rubber stair treads as well as risers, tiles and stringers.

High strength, polyester thread reinforced, double-sided adhesive tape
VOC-free acrylic that can be used in small, confined spaces
Excellent shelf life and does not dry out; freeze stable
Adheres instantly - no wait time
Covers 165 LF

• This double-sided tape is easy to use; simply peel, cut and stick.

• It is recommended that there be a strip of tape by the nose portion of the tread and a thicker strip by the middle portion of the tread. Thinner rolls can easily be cut into multiple strips per tread instead of using one thicker strip in the middle.


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    Industrial-Grade Stair Tread Tape

      Standard Configuration

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      Standard Sizes (Approximate)
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      51+ $33.00
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      13-25 $76.00
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      13-25 $135.00
      26-50 $131.00
      51+ $128.00

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