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Soft Woods Salon Mats

Our Soft Woods Salon Mats offer a wood grain design with all the comfort properties of a beauty salon mat. These barber mats complement almost any wood finish while providing stress relief and beauty all day long.

• 100% rubber top mat surface is resistant to punctures and chemicals.

• Salon comfort mats available either 1/2" or 1" thick.

• Designer wood grain finish complements a variety of finishes and brightens up any floor.

• Hair will not "stick" to this salon mat's low-static surface.

2' x 3' mats (shampoo mats) are ONLY available in a rectangular shape without a cut-out.

• Made from 25% recycled content.

• Salon Mats available in custom sizes and configurations.

Item No: SLNSW

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Standard Configuration

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Standard Sizes (Approximate)
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1 $62.84
2-10 $61.72
11-25 $60.56
26+ $59.44
1 $109.52
2-10 $108.24
11-25 $107.12
26+ $106.60
1 $123.48
2-10 $121.32
11-25 $119.08
26+ $117.76
1 $136.72
2-10 $133.92
11-25 $131.56
26+ $129.84
1 $148.52
2-10 $145.48
11-25 $142.24
26+ $139.96
1 $77.20
2-10 $76.08
11-25 $74.92
26+ $73.36
1 $141.64
2-10 $139.32
11-25 $137.20
26+ $135.04
1 $159.44
2-10 $156.60
11-25 $153.32
26+ $150.84
1 $176.60
2-10 $173.32
11-25 $170.24
26+ $168.04
1 $193.12
2-10 $189.72
11-25 $186.64
26+ $183.24
Custom Sizes - Per Sq. Ft. (Approximate)
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1 $14.32
2-10 $14.16
11-25 $13.96
26+ $13.88
1 $17.84
2-10 $17.60
11-25 $17.40
26+ $17.16
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Customer Questions & Answers

Can't find the answer you need? Ask a Question
What's the warranty for salon mats?
- Yogee B.

All of our salon mats are made here in America - manufactured from commercial-grade components and engineered for many years of all-day use.  These mats come with an industry leading 24 month warranty against any manufacturing defects though the mats themselves should last much longer and provide years of standing comfort, even in the busiest salons and barber shops.  (Please note that an extended warranty can be purchased for a minimal cost.)

Is the entire portion of the cutout removed from the area under the chair? Will the barber chair not sit flat/could it fall over?
- Arthur S.

Only the foam on the underside is removed from the chair base section of the mat; the rubber top surface is still present. This allows the chair to sit flat and not topple over while keeping the surface of the salon mat easy to clean and preventing hairs from getting stuck between the mat and the chair.

How do I clean my salon mat?
- Hanna B.

Sweeping the mat or blowing a hair dryer overhead will easily remove hair and day-to-day dust and debris.  These salon floormats can also be vacuumed.  For hairspray, gel, mouse and the like, simply wipe down with warm water and a little soap or use a neutral cleaner like Simple Green.  Should hair dye drip on the mat, try to wipe it all off as soon as possible.  

Will the barber mats move around throughout the day?
- Dino B.

The weight of the chair will keep the mat firmly in place and prevent any floor mat movement.  (Note that the 2' x 3' shampoo mats are the only size specifically designed to be used next to the chair and not have part of the chair base on top of it.)

Do hairs stick to these salon mats?
- Bethany B.

These salon comfort mats have a non-stick surface which makes it easy to sweep or blow away hairs.  Even wet hair can be removed quite easily.

Does the mat slope down on all the sides?
- Lewes F.

Yes, all salon mats have beveled edges that taper down on all sides to provide a gradual transition on and off the mats.  This also makes it easier to roll carts around.

What's the most common size salon floor mat?
- Wilma F.

While the most frequently purchased sizes in the salon and barber industry are 3' x 5' and, to a slightly lesser extent, 3' x 4', it's a good idea to measure your space and the distance between salon chairs to ensure that there's enough room so that the mats don't overlap.

Where are these salon mats made?
- George J.

All salon mats and barber mats are manufactured here in the US from American sourced raw materials to ensure a high quality, long-lasting product that provides years of enhanced comfort, safety and superior craftsmanship.

I want a single, long anti-fatigue salon mat running the length of the studio with space for 5 chairs and beveled edges. Can a custom salon mat like this be made?
- Rosie R.

Absolutely!  We specialize in custom size and shape floor mats and can easily manufacture a mat to the specifications needed, including having the chair depressions exactly where they're needed and with sloped edging all around.  A design proof will be sent to you for approval before anything is produced.

Will the mats get damaged if shears or a razor slip out of my hand and fall on the mat?
- Greta G.

All of our salon mats are puncture resistant (with the High Heel Proof Salon Mats being puncture proof).  Regardless, the mats will hold up well and should not get damaged from any scissors or buzzers dropping onto the mats.

I'm a little embarrassed to ask but I just opened the box and am not sure which side is up since I bought a black mat?
- Betty R.

Great question and we actually get this question not so infrequently.  There are two ways to tell the top from the bottom.  First, all mats will have the beveled (sloped) edges angling down towards the floor so that they provide a gradual transition on and off the mat (just like a ramp).  Second, for mats that have a top and a bottom layer, the smooth, firm, rubber surface is the top while the soft, spongy foam goes on the bottom.

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