Stand 6ft Apart Floor Mats

Stand 6ft Apart Floor Mats are a great way to remind your employees and customers to follow sanitation norms in kitchens, lobbies and other hygiene-critical spaces. Great way for businesses that are essential to maintain a high cleanliness environment and prevent the spread of pathogens.

• Gently remind people to maintain social distancing

• 6 different colors available at an economic price

• Twisted and Heat set Nylon yarn is fade resistant

• Nitrile Rubber Backing for better grip

• To clean, simply vacuum as needed. For a deeper clean, these Sanitizer Your Hands floor mats can be hosed down, power washed or even cleaned in a commercial washer and dryer.

Item No: MILSD7

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    Stand 6ft Apart Floor Mats

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      1 $89.45
      2-10 $86.32
      11+ $83.11
      1 $129.55
      2-10 $125.89
      11+ $121.14
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