Tuff-Seal Tiles

Tuff-Seal Tiles are the ultimate interlocking floor tiles - they are designed for industrial use but come in a variety of surface patterns and colors for use in residential and commercial locations.

• Tuff Seal Floor Tiles will hold up in virtually any indoor or outdoor environment, even in areas with constant, heavy use, including pallet jacks, fork lifts and heavy-truck traffic.

• Tuff-Seal Tiles are quick and easy to install with a rubber mallet and seamlessly lock together. No adhesive is required to hold these Tuff-Seal tiles firmly together.

• Once installed, these floor tiles are water-tight thanks to their patented interlocking system.

• Each tile is 18" x 18" and 1/4" thick.

• Environmentally friendly Dow Equilibrium PVC is used to manufacture these floor tiles, giving them industrial-grade durability along with the capability to be formed in 3 surface patterns and 15 attractive colors.


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Standard Configuration

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Standard Sizes (Approximate)
Tap Row For Volume PricingorShow All
1-25 $15.87
26-50 $15.65
51-100 $15.22
101-1000 $14.92
1-25 $19.75
26-50 $19.25
51-100 $18.75
101-1000 $18.25
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