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Standard Configuration

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Warrior Rubber Gym Tiles: Interlocking Flooring for Extreme Workouts

Warrior Rubber Tiles are extra-thick interlocking gym tiles designed for the most demanding environments and most extreme workouts. These heavy-duty rubber tiles fit together seamlessly, are easy to install, and require little maintenance.

Warrior Rubber Gym Tiles are perfect for both specific spaces and non-rectangular exercise areas. The surface of these non-porous, industrial-grade rubber flooring tiles provides enhanced traction.

Warrior Rubber Gym Tile Features

  • Available in 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" and 3/4" thick
  • Tiles are 24" x 24" (4 Sq Ft)
  • Available in black, 10% gray fleck and 10% blue fleck
  • Absorb shock and impact to your body and protect floors from heavy weights and equipment
  • Simple to install - No adhesive needed
  • Seamless interlocking system - No visual seams
  • Center, Border and Corner tiles allow for a finished look whether covering a specific area within a room or installing them wall-to-wall
  • These rubber puzzle tiles are perfect floor protection under heavy exercise equipment, including weight racks, universal and other weight-lifting machinery as well as under cardio equipment

Made in the U.S.A.

Made in the USA These premium interlocking Warrior Rubber Gym Tiles are manufactured here in the US from US-sourced components. They meet the strictest safety regulations on raw components, indoor air quality (IAQ) and are non-poisonous and thus safe to use around young children and pets.

Warrior Rubber Interlocking Tile Rubber Gym Flooring

Standard Sizes (Approximate)
Tap Row For Volume PricingorShow All
1-50 $14.00
51-250 $13.00
251-500 $12.00
501-1000 $11.00
1-50 $17.00
51-250 $15.00
251-500 $13.00
501-1000 $12.00
1-50 $19.00
51-250 $17.00
251-500 $15.00
501-1000 $14.00
1-50 $21.00
51-250 $19.00
251-500 $17.00
501-1000 $15.00
1-50 $28.00
51-250 $26.00
251-500 $24.00
501-1000 $22.00
1-50 $32.00
51-250 $30.00
251-500 $28.00
501-1000 $26.00
1-50 $37.00
51-250 $35.00
251-500 $33.00
501-1000 $31.00
1-50 $44.00
51-250 $42.00
251-500 $40.00
501-1000 $38.00

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Customer Questions & Answers

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What's the weight for each Warrior Tile?
- Craig K.

The weight of each 2' x 2' Warrior Rubber Gym Tile is based on the thickness: 1/4" tiles weigh about 5.5 lbs each, 3/8" thick tiles weigh a little over 8 lbs, 1/2" tiles clock in at approximately 12 lbs and the 3/4" option is almost 17 lbs each.

Are Warrior tiles easy to clean? Do I have to worry about mildew growing?
- David L.

Vacuuming the Warrior rubber tiles will help remove finer particles of dust, debris, dirt, etc. These puzzle tiles can also be moped with a mild detergent or a little soap and warm water. Afterward, just let the rubber matting air dry and it'll soon be good to go.  For a deeper cleaning (though certainly not necessary), you can easily separate the tiles and bring them outside to hose down. However, sweeping and/or vacuuming should take care of virtually all of your day-to-day dirt and debris.  The rubber is natural mold- and mildew-resistant and unless any organic matter somehow finds it way under the tiles, this should be a non-issue.

I need to cut a tile to fit around a closet. How can I trim a Warrior tile?
- Paul S.

Warrior Rubber Gym Tiles is heavy-duty rubber flooring yet it can still be cut on site  The Warrior rubber can be cut down using a utility (razor) knife with a fresh, sharp blade and a straight edge or T-square.  (For larger/commercial installs, the tiles can be cut with a flooring tile cutter.)  When using the utility knife, it can take several strokes, especially on thicker tiles.  First, mark the line where you'll cut and then lightly score the rubber before performing any deeper cuts.  Do not press too hard, simply put some pressure on the knife as you cut and, after a couple of strokes, you'll get a clean cut right through the rubber.  One trick to help the knife blade glide easier is to dip the blade into soapy water to reduce friction across the rubber.  A hand saw (and especially a power saw) would be too fast and dangerous for cutting down these tiles and could prevent a straight cut edge.

Can the tiles get slippery, especially during an intense workout or if something spills or leaks?
- Jay L.

The premium rubber in these Warrior tiles in inherently high-traction and will provide a safe walking surface even when they get wet.  Sweat can easily be wiped off but will not pose any harm to the tiles if left unattended to.  These tiles are designed for use in commercial facilities and meet the appropriate coefficient of friction standards for slip resistance.

Do you need to prep the floor or lay down anything before installing these interlocking rubber tiles?
- Jimmy F.

Regardless of floor type (concrete, LVT, laminates, tile, terrazzo, marble, floorboards, wood, carpet, etc.), Warrior tiles can safely be placed on top of the existing floor without further preparation.  The tiles are made from a non-reactive rubber and should not deteriorate in any standard environment.  If, however, the tiles are being placed on a material that needs to breathe (like unsealed real wood) or a light color material as well as vinyl flooring, it could be prudent to place plastic sheeting to ensure there is no transfer.  For commercial or basic residential carpet the tiles (especially 3/8" and thicker) will easily stay connected right on top of the carpet.  For thick, plush carpets, the tiles could separate due to the compression of the carpet and/or pad.  For these denser carpets, a thicker tile (1/2" and above) is recommended.

Can warrior tiles be safely installed outside?
- Seth M.

Certainly.  Warrior tiles will hold up well outdoors and not be negatively affected by rain, snow, wind or widely varying temperatures.  The rubber is UV-stable but the colors can slowly become slightly faded with constant sun exposure.  This will not damage or deteriorate the tile but the color could be less intense.  Otherwise, they're good to go!

Where are the Warrior tiles made?
- Robbie N.

Warrior Rubber Gym Tiles are manufactured here in the US from American-sourced raw components to ensure a high-quality, durable and safe rubber flooring solution.

How does the warrior rubber gym tiles differ from fit-lock rubber tiles?
- Kevin N.

These two interlocking rubber tiles are rather similar.  They are both manufactured from dense, durable, high-quality rubber.  The rubber is engineered for demanding environments, minimal wear, shock absorption and energy restitution in commercial locations (though certainly appropriate for residential use).  The primary differences between the two rubber tiles are the colors and thicknesses offered.  Also, the Fit-Lock has a slightly longer warranty and is stocked in more locations and may arrive quicker depending on the delivery location.

Are these tiles suitable for use under heavy power racks? It could be over 800 lbs fully loaded.
- Nicolae V.

Warrior Rubber Tiles would work well under a heavy power rack.  We suggest at least the 3/8" version.  The weight of the machine will not damage or destroy the rubber.  

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