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Waterhog Premier Entrance Mats

Waterhog Premier Entrance Mats are heavy-duty floor mats for all applications. This waterhog entrance floor mat has a unique diamond ridge design which effectively removes dirt and water from shoes. The water dam border on this waterhog entrance mat holds water within its trenches and off of the floor.

• The rubber-reinforced surface, borders and backing give these waterhog mats ultimate strength.

• Anti-static, polypropylene surface of this waterhog floor mat dries quickly and will not fade or rot.

• Ideal waterhog entrance mats for moderate to heavy-traffic, indoor / outdoor areas.

• Clean waterhog floor mats by simply vacuuming, extraction cleaning methods, or hose off and hang to dry.

Item No: EPW

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Standard Configuration

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Standard Sizes (Approximate)
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1 $38.36
2-10 $37.16
11-25 $36.84
26+ $35.92
1 $76.73
2-10 $74.68
11-25 $72.34
26+ $68.33
1 $95.32
2-10 $93.84
11-25 $91.96
26+ $89.84
1 $146.16
2-10 $141.72
11-25 $136.88
26+ $132.35
1 $185.72
2-10 $178.29
11-25 $167.15
26+ $157.86
1 $200.97
2-10 $192.92
11-25 $180.87
26+ $170.83
1 $278.58
2-10 $267.44
11-25 $250.72
26+ $236.79
1 $371.44
2-10 $356.58
11-25 $334.30
26+ $315.73
1 $464.31
2-10 $445.73
11-25 $417.87
26+ $394.66
1 $616.71
2-10 $614.37
11-25 $607.42
26+ $598.88
1 $723.96
2-10 $713.68
11-25 $700.26
26+ $686.88
1 $831.22
2-10 $818.84
11-25 $812.72
26+ $799.26
1 $80.38
2-10 $77.17
11-25 $72.34
26+ $68.33
1 $153.46
2-10 $150.96
11-25 $144.69
26+ $136.66
1 $247.63
2-10 $237.73
11-25 $222.87
26+ $210.48
1 $267.96
2-10 $257.24
11-25 $241.16
26+ $227.76
1 $371.44
2-10 $356.58
11-25 $334.30
26+ $315.73
1 $495.26
2-10 $475.45
11-25 $445.74
26+ $419.87
1 $619.08
2-10 $594.31
11-25 $557.17
26+ $526.21
1 $822.29
2-10 $805.42
11-25 $797.36
26+ $788.30
1 $965.29
2-10 $946.66
11-25 $933.68
26+ $920.26
1 $1,108.31
2-10 $1,087.68
11-25 $1,065.41
26+ $1,049.84
1 $146.16
2-10 $141.72
11-25 $136.88
26+ $132.35
1 $160.77
2-10 $154.34
11-25 $144.69
26+ $136.66
1 $294.84
2-10 $265.23
11-25 $246.84
26+ $236.45
1 $390.01
2-10 $374.41
11-25 $351.01
26+ $331.51
1 $566.45
2-10 $543.79
11-25 $509.80
26+ $481.48
1 $742.89
2-10 $713.18
11-25 $668.60
26+ $631.46
1 $928.62
2-10 $891.47
11-25 $835.75
26+ $789.32
1 $1,233.43
2-10 $1,223.42
11-25 $1,208.68
26+ $1,192.84
1 $1,447.93
2-10 $1,429.95
11-25 $1,408.70
26+ $1,395.15
1 $1,662.46
2-10 $1,637.68
11-25 $1,610.84
26+ $1,597.42

Customer Questions & Answers

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Where are these water hog mats made?
- Willa F.

Waterhog Premier Entrance Mats are manufactured here in the United States from locally sourced raw materials to ensure a high-quality, long-lasting entrance mat that will provide years of cleaning and scraping ability.

Do Waterhog Premier mats roll up easily and then lay flat if we only put them out on rainy days?
- Mario P.

Certainly! Should you only have these mats on the floor at certain times, you can easily roll them up and store them. Whether Waterhog Premier Mats are rolled up for a few hours or a few months, once you unroll them and put them back down on the floor they will lay flat (and stay flat), as that is their natural tendency.

We are looking to use waterhog premier at the entrance doors of a large high school. Are these floormats a good option and how would we clean the mats?
- Tom C.

Waterhog Premier Entrance Mats will hold up quite well in busy environments like a high school. The mats will provide years of useful life cleaning and scraping dirt and debris off of shoes. They are also easy to maintain. Shaking out or vacuuming the mats will get rid of most of the day-to-day dirt and debris. For mud and tougher spots, a little soap and a hose should do the trick. The mats can also be power washed and even commercially laundered every so often (though these methods are not at all necessary for daily use). Essentially, vacuuming will be the go-to cleaning method and only as needed.

I need to notch out a small corner of the mat so that it fits in the entryway. Is there a way to safely cut my Waterhog Premiere mat?
- John G.

Despite its rugged construction, you can easily cut these Waterhog mats to fit your space using a utility (razor) knife with a sharp blade and, for straight cuts, either a ruler or straight edge. Cutting the mat will not affect its performance nor cause it to deteriorate or unravel. (However, you will lose the sloped safety edge where the mat is cut. If the cut area is going up against a door frame, cabinet, etc. - basically in an area where people are not walking on and off the mat - then it's no problem at all).

Is the surface pattern of the water hog premiere entrance mat safe for women in high heel shoes and also for those in a wheelchair?
- Dan B.

The high / low surface pattern of the water hog premiere mat does an excellent job scraping away dirt, dust and debris but the grooves are not so deep or so wide that they would cause a high heel to get caught between them. The mats are also safe for individuals in wheelchairs as well as those using a walker. There are beveled/slopes safety edges around the entire perimeter of these formats that angle down from the full height of the mat to the floor to provide a gradual transition on and off the mat. The water hog product line is also certified safe by the national floor safety institute.

Wouldn't I want the gripper backing for any type of floor?
- Amos T.

Although you could use the gripper backing on floor surfaces other than carpet, this backing type is specifically designed for use on a carpeted floor. The reason is that the grippers (aka cleats or nubs) help grab the textured, uneven carpet surface, and therefore the mat has greater surface contact with the carpet below. You would not want to use a Waterhog Premier Mat with smooth backing on carpet because it doesn't have the same surface-to-surface contact as it would with the gripper backing and could end up scooting or sliding around the floor slightly. The smooth backing is designed for use on hard floors so that it has maximum surface-to-surface contact to help keep the mat firmly in place.

We would like to use the waterhog premier floormats in our condo building in New York City but the mats need to pass flammability test standards. Do your Waterhog mats meet those requirements?
- Arthur D.

Waterhog mats meet stringent fire and flammability tests. These particular mats pass flammability standard DOC-FF-1-70.  We're happy to send a spec sheet if needed.

Is there a directionality to these mats or can we lay them out in whichever direction makes sense for our space?
- John S.

The Waterhog Premier entrance mats have a diamond surface pattern with universal directionality, meaning foot and cart traffic can traverse the mats in any direction and be equally effective.  The mats can be placed horizontally or vertically and will work just as well regardless of how they're laid out.

Besides the surface design, what's the difference between the water hog premier and the water hog classic entrance mats?
- William S.

Great question. You're right, the most striking visual difference between two products is the surface pattern, however, there are other meaningful differences as well. The Waterhog Premier Mats have a 50% thicker face weight - meaning that there is 50% more surface material, which allows these mats to wick more moisture from people's shoes as well as adds to the overall useful life of the product. The Waterhog Premier mats also come in 8 additional colors beyond those offered on the Waterhog Classic mats. Finally, whereas the Waterhog Classic can be customized in 1' increments the Waterhog Premier mats are manufactured only in certain sizes and, although there are longer/larger mats than those listed on this page, the level of customization is not the same.

Is the Waterhog Premier matting true to size or do they come slightly smaller than listed?
- Aggie C.

All mats (regardless of the type, size, or even manufacturer) shrink during the manufacturing process when the surface material is bonded to the backing material.  Shrinkage varies depending on the type of materials used but, on average, these mats shrink from about 5% for larger mats and up to 10% for smaller ones (based on outside edge to outside edge dimensions (ie, including borders)).  Because this is an inexact science we can never precisely say what the final size will be (even two identical mats made of the same material, same size and heated for the same amount of time will have slightly different finished sizes).  Thus, all sizes listed on every product page under both Standard Sizes and Custom Sizes show approximate dimensions.  Regardless, if a mat comes out especially small, we are happy to re-make it but the dimensions will always be slightly smaller than the trade size (aka nominal size).  The only other option is to use a different "pre-shrunk" material, such as the Super Berber Mats, which is cut to size by hand AFTER the surface material is bonded to the backing and then the edging is added afterward. This production process, however, is much more labor-intensive and thus a more expensive option but would achieve any exact size needed

How thick is this premier floormat?
- Ann R.

Waterhog Premier Entrance Mats are 3/8" thick (meaning they are halfway between 1/4" and 1/2").  If your door swings across the mat there should be enough clearance for it to swing freely whether it's a residential or commercial door. However, in order to check the door clearance, an easy trick is to put a stack of computer paper in front of the door and slowly swing it open and then measure the stack of paper that wasn't pushed to the side. Alternatively, we are happy to send a free, small cut sample of the Waterhog Premier matting product so that you can place it on the floor and test it for sufficient clearance.

Will water leak off or through the mat during rainy or snowy days?
- Mary H.

All waterhog mats, including the Waterhog Premier product, have a solid rubber backing and rubber containment borders around the perimeter, which do not allow any moisture to flow through the mat nor leak off the sides. These water-dam borders are great for indoor use so that moisture from the mat doesn't flow onto the surrounding floor and becomes slippery. These Premier mats can simply be left in place to air dry or, if completely soaked, can be placed outside and hung over a railing to dry quickly.

How wide are the borders around the outside of the mat? Is the rubber or matching fabric better?
- Maya A.

The beveled (sloped) safety border go around the entire outside of the mat and extends roughly 1/2" from the edge while gradually angling down to the floor. These borders provide a smooth transition on and off of the Waterhog Premier Mats to help prevent trips and falls while also making it easier for wheels to roll across the mats. Some people prefer the black rubber borders because it visually 'frames' the inside of the mat while providing a heavy-duty exterior edge.  Others prefer a less 'commercial' look to the mats and opt for the matching fabric borders. Both versions actually contain rubber - The only difference is the fabric surface stops short of the border when Black Rubber Borders is selected while the fabric is stretched over the border to the very edge of the mat when selecting Matching Fabric Borders. Both will hold well in residential and commercial settings.

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