White Pine Handwoven Coconut Fiber Door Mats

The 18th century was a rich period in history when exploration of unknown lands and interest in new discoveries were at a peak. Among the curious were naturalists who traveled to the New World and recorded what they saw. The inspiration for Entryways' handsome "White Pine" doormat is an illustration from an 18th-century gardener's catalog of trees, shrubs, plants, and flowers in Virginia—one of the many rare books found in the collections of The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. Measuring 22" by 35", this eco-friendly coir mat is lovely, functional, and durable. Your purchase of WILLIAMSBURG products supports the preservation, research, and educational programs of The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, a not-for-profit organization. Make history come alive at your doorway with this doormat. Hand made from all-natural coconut fiber which is an excellent dirt-trapper; This mat is hand stenciled with permanent fade-resistant dyes.

Size: 22" x 35"

Thickness: 3/4" Thick

Item No: 9112W

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    White Pine Handwoven Coconut Fiber Door Mats
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