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Clean Room Sticky Mats Clean Room Sticky Mats Clean Room Sticky Mats Clean Room Sticky Mats
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Clean Room Sticky Mats

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Clean room mats are tacky mats that help trap impurities for locations that require stringent dust and dirt control. Our clean room sticky mats feature a tacky surface which removes dirt and dust from shoe surfaces before they can contaminate a "clean room."

4 pads of 30 sheets per case (120 sheets total).

• Once the top layer is dirty, simply remove and discard.

• Clean room sticky mats offer economical dirt and dust control for low-profile carpet, tile and concrete surfaces.

• These clean room tacky mats are ideal for hospital, laboratory and construction use.

• Tacky polyethylene surface; 1/8" thick.

• NOTE: A frame is only necessary when each 30 sheet pad will not be completely used in one location. Frames are ideal for contractors who only use a few sheets at a given location before moving on to the next job site. The bottom of each pad is also tacky, which keeps the mat firmly in place regardless of the type of floor the mat is on. (Please call for all available sticky mat frame sizes.)

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Standard Sizes (Approximate)
Size Qty. 1 Qty. 2-100
18" x 36" (4 pads:30 sheets/pad) $62.00 $61.00
18" x 45" (4 pads:30 sheets/pad) $72.00 $71.00
24" x 36" (4 pads:30 sheets/pad) $72.00 $71.00
24" x 36" FRAME w/ 1 pad $72.00 $71.00
24" x 45" (4 pads:30 sheets/pad) $95.00 $94.00
26" x 45" (4 pads:30 sheets/pad) $98.00 $96.00
36" x 36" (4 pads:30 sheets/pad) $106.00 $105.00
36" x 45" (4 pads:30 sheets/pad) $116.00 $114.00
36" x 60" (4 pads:30 sheets/pad) $194.00 $190.00

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