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Clean Room Sticky Mats

Clean Room Sticky Mats are the perfect solution for keeping rooms free of dirt, dust and debris. These tacky mats trap dust and debris right on the surface of the mat. Easily control contamination at your workplace, construction site or home!

Quick Ship - Ships in 24 hrs.
120 sheets per case (4 pads of 30 sheets each)
Use on hard floor or carpet
Mat easily adheres to floor or optional sticky mat frame
Simply peel off top sheet when soiled for a fresh layer

Clean Room Sticky Mats offer a great solution for hospitals, construction zones, laboratories, pharmaceutical, aerospace, all clean room environments, microelectronic manufacturing, gun ranges and even home use. Sticky mats provide the perfect solution absolutely anywhere dust control is needed.

Frames and frame/mat combinations are available as well. Order a frame when you anticipate moving the mat around from one site to another. Each frame features a non-skid backing which keeps it firmly in place.

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Customer Questions & Answers

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How do I install the sticky mat to the floor?
- Fred A.

It's easy! Simply remove the protective film on the underside of any of the four pads that came in the box. Place the bottom of the sticky mat on a clean, dry floor. Firmly press the mat down to ensure strong adhesion. Next, remove the clear protective film on the top of the mat. This is the clear sheet above the pad with the number 30 in the corner. Now the sticky mats are ready to use!

How many sticky sheets come in one order?
- Ginger R.

Each order contains four pads (aka packs) of sticky mats. Each of these pads contains 30 individual sheets. Thus, there are 120 sheets per box.

Do I need to use a frame with a sticky mats?
- Marlo B.

No, a frame is not necessary for use with sticky mats.  A frame is a useful accessory but only in certain scenarios. Namely, a sticky mat frame is helpful when not all 30 sheets are used in one location. For instance, a contractor may need sticky mats for a job at a particular location but will only be there for a few days and not use all 30 sheets. Instead of sticking the entire pad to the floor and then trying to remove the pad and reuse it later, a frame allows the sticky mats to be easily transportable while still staying firmly in place on the floor. In environments where all 30 sheets would be used, a frame would not be necessary since the sticky mats can simply be stuck directly to the floor.

Can I use my tacky mats on top of carpet? I don't have a hard floor where the mats are needed.
- James D.

Although it's ideal to adhere sticky mats to a hard floor surface (like wood, vinyl, tile, marble, concrete, etc.), the sticky mat pad can also stick to carpet. The mats will adhere better to a thinner and/or more tightly bound carpet compared to a thick, plush type carpeting. Another option, when faced with a carpeted floor, is to apply the sticky mats to a frame that will hug the floor and allow the sticky mats to properly stay in place.

Can I use these sticky mats by an entrance where toddlers and small pets will walk across the tacky surface?
- Barbara F.

Great question.  Although the sticky mats have an adhesive surface to remove the dust, debris and impurities from the bottom of shoes; small feet, wheelchairs and walkers (and even animal paws) will not get stuck on the mats nor will they hurt them or cause any discomfort while traversing across the sticky surface.

What are these sticky mats made of? Are they harmful? Also how sticky are they?
- Erica G.

These laboratory-grade Clean Room Sticky Mats are manufactured from polyethylene and are not harmful nor contain any toxic components (and are thus safe to use around kids, in schools, in the laboratory and at home). These sticky mats do not off-gas. Technically speaking, the Adhesive Power is 160g / 25mm (+/- 10).  Generically speaking, the mats are tacky enough for the adhesive to pull off dirt, dust and debris from shoes and boots while walking across the mat but not so strong that anyone or anything would get stuck to the surface.

Can I use a sticky mat pad underneath my cat's litter box? There's always a mess around the box and I'm tired of cleaning up all the time.
- David B.

You can certainly use our sticky mats underneath and around a cat's litter box to trap any litter, clay, sawdust, etc. that you use. These sticky mats will help contain the mess and prevent you from constantly cleaning up. Cats will not be harmed by walking across these mats and should get used to the tacky surface quite quickly.

Will these clean room mats damage my floor if left down for longer periods of time?
- Brett F.

Our Clean Room Sticky Mats are designed to firmly stick to the floor yet be easily removable when lifted up. These mats won't damage the floor below (whether it's carpet or a hard surface) and are designed to not leave any residue behind.

Help! I accidentally installed my sticky mats upside down with the top layer stuck to the floor. I don't want to make things worse, what do I do now?
- Sydney A.

No worries! Simply peel the mat slowly off the floor making sure that you're pulling from the bottom-most layer. Once removed, just double check that there's no dirt or debris on the floor and that it's clean and dry before reinstalling. Next remove the protective clear film from the bottom of the mat. (The bottom of the mat will not show any numbers while the top of the mat shows the number 30 in the corner and works its way down all the way to number one, which would be the last sheet). After the protective film is removed from the back, simply place the mat on the floor with the underside firmly pressed down to the ground.  Walk across the topside of the mat to ensure a strong adhesion between the mat and the floor. (You may need to discard the top layer after installing since it may be dirty but now the product is ready to use.)

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