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Disposable Anti-Microbial Runner Mats with Adhesive Backing

Disposable Anti-Microbial Mats with Adhesive backing are treated with an anti-microbial compound that helps prevent foul odors and keeps floors slip-resistant while attacking the cause of the problem: bacterial growth.

• Keep cleaning costs down, protect flooring and maintain a respectable appearance in your facilities with these disposable mats.

• These mats dry fast and eliminate odors thanks to the anti-bacterial agent which neutralizes germs and breaks down enzymes.

• The acrylic-based adhesive backing keeps these runner mats in place, even on wet floors and allows the mat to be easily moved as well as removing cleanly after use. These disposable runners mats are ADA compliant. Designed to keep a facility cleaner in between cleanings.

• Included safety knife to trim/cut the mat to the size needed.


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