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Dance Floor Tiles

Perfect for events, these easy to install dance floor tiles let you create a temporary dance floor in any location. Heavy duty, thick tiles easily support any number of people and multiple textures let you seamlessly combine them with any existing decor. Portable Dance Floor Tiles allow you to create a custom, safe, durable floor surface that protects the layer underneath and covers any existing imperfections. These interlocking dance floor tiles easily connect together and are perfect for both standard size/shapes and fully-custom floor configurations. Also, dance floor tiles are easy to assemble without tools - your event space is ready to go in only minutes! Each tile is 1' x 1' and connects to one another as well as reducer (ie, beveled) edges. These tiles are completely waterproof making perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Freely mix and match with other dance tiles. Thanks to the 4 attachment point design, these tiles won't wobble, shake or separate under heavy loads.
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