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Garage Gym Flooring

Garage Gym Flooring provide the heavy-duty protection your floor needs while offering a comfortable surface to exercise on and the traction needed, especially during high-intensity workouts. This rubber garage flooring comes in rolls, tiles and stand-alone mats and in a variety of thickness and styles for any space and fitness program.
Garage Gym Flooring - Rolls

Garage Gym Flooring - Rolls

Although garage gym flooring comes in several styles (rolls, stand-alone mats and tiles), rubber rolls are the most economical flooring choice for covering a variety of surfaces. Garage Gym Rolls come in standard and custom cut sizes and can easily be installed with less effort. Garage Gym Flooring Rolls are perfect for rectangular garages where a few rolls can be butted up against one another to give full coverage.

• Available in standard and custom lengths
• Widest variety of color options
• From 1/8" to 1/2" thick (6 thicknesses total)
• Priced from $1.72 / SF
Garage Gym Flooring - Tiles

Garage Gym Flooring - Tiles

Garage Gym Flooring Tiles are a simple option for covering any space, either an individual area or tiling wall-to-wall, without the need for adhesives or tape. Rubber garage tiles are especially ideal in situations where the workout space isn't a perfect square or rectangle. Garage Gym Tiles easily interlock together and install quickly by just one individual. These tiles can easily be moved or replaced if rearranging the space or increasing the workout area. Garage Gym Tiles are easily cut if going up against a wall, cabinet or door.

• Easy to handle and install by oneself
• No adhesive or tape required
• Available in corner/border/center shapes
• From 3/8" to 1" thick (4 thickness total)
• Priced from $2.15 per SF
Garage Gym Flooring - Mats

Garage Gym Flooring - Mats

Garage Gym Flooring Mats are perfect for adding tractions while protecting garage floors and absorbing impact of heavy equipment and weights for particular, smaller areas, such as in a contained workout space, under exercise machines or a weight rack. Garage gym matting comes in several standard sizes and thus have no installation. Also, using garage gym mats in only particular spaces can help reduce costs as opposed to covering bigger areas or even going wall-to-wall.

• Available in standard sizes to cover specific spaces
• Great for use under exercise equipment, machines and racks
• From 1/4" to 3/4" thick (4 thickness options total)
• Prices from $1.90 per SF
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