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Glass Chair Mats

Glass Chair Mats are the premier chair mat material. These 1/4" thick glass mats are 100% clear, have a beveled edge for smooth transitions and can hold 1000s of pounds on both carpet and hard floor surfaces. Effortless rolling and a scratch resistant surface makes these tempered safety glass chair mats a clear winner with a lifetime guaranty unsurpassed in the industry.

• Patented Beveled Edge
• Perfectly Clear
• Holds 1000s of lbs.
• Works on both carpet and hard floors
• Lifetime Warranty
• Odorless, BPA-Free, Phthalate-Free
• Stain and Scratch Resistant
• Outlasts Traditional Chair Mats
• Quick Ship Product - Ships Same Day!

Item No: CMGCM

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Customer Questions & Answers

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Is it real glass? Will it break?
- Rod S.

Glass Chair Mats are, in fact, made from industrial-grade 1/4" thick tempered glass with a proprietary formulation to ensure not only durability and ease of motion but also a lifetime of functionality.  This tempered glass is 4x-5x stronger than standard glass and able to withstand 1000s of pounds.  Chair weight, user weight, dropped coffee mugs and virtually anything else are immaterial - these mats are engineered to last a lifetime!

So how long is a glass chair mat warrantied for?
- Michael B.

For life!  Glass floor mats are designed to take the brunt of a rolling chair all day long and throughout the work week.  These mats have a lifetime warranty.  You can find the full description on from the product page or clicking here.

Are the dimensions of the lip included in the 48" x 52" sized glass floor mat?
- Steve G.

Yes, the total dimensions listed include the lip.  The lip itself is 24" wide (left to right) and extends 8" beyond the main portion of the glass mat.  Please see the schematic below:


How do you roll back onto the mat if you happen to roll off?
- Toni B.

Great question - these glass mats have a patented bevled edge around the perimeter that provides a gradual transition on and off the mat, making the transition a breeze.  These are the ONLY glass floor mats on the market that have this gently sloped edge design.

Without any spikes on the bottom, how can a glass floor mat stay in place?
- Nancy K.

These sturdy glass chair mats weigh about 3.25 Lbs per square foot and, even the smallest mats, stay in place quite well even with frequent motion.

Do glass mats slide on hardwood or other hard floors?
- Brett M.

In the ordering dropdown menu, customers can select if the mat is being placed on carpet or a hard floor.  For those that are used on hard floors, small, protective 'feet' are added to the corners of the mat.  These 'feet' are a fraction of an inch, clear and keep the mat elevated off the floor ever so slightly so as not to scratch it and also to help keep the glass firmly in place.

How much weight can the glass hold?
- Jeremy I.

Glass Chair Mats are manufactured from a premium, proprietary formulated tempered glass and can hold 1000s of lbs - almost 5x more than standard glass.

Does the glass mat scratch easily?
- Nelson B.

These glass mats are very scratch resistant.  Day-to-day foot traffic, office chairs and the like really shouldn't negatively affect the mat.  The real culprits that could potentially scratch the mat are sand and metals that are then ground into the glass.  Still, the glass should not break.

Are custom glass mats available?
- C.C. D.

Certainly!  You can find a page with more information regarding glass chair mats here.

What's the difference between beveled edges and a lip?
- Thomas H.

The entire outside edge of the chair mat has a bevel (ie, a slope) where the full thickness of the mat tapers down to provide a smooth, gradual transition between the carpet and the mat.  The lip, on the other hand, is the protrusion or tongue that sticks out from the base area of the mat and fits under the desk.  For desks that have a smaller opening (perhaps due to drawers on both sides) and in which the full width of the mat wouldn't fit, a chair mat with a lip allows for additional floor coverage when the chair is scooted all the way in.

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