In Dog We Trust Mats & Rugs

In January 2015, American Floor Mats sold carpeted floor mats to the Pinellas County Sheriff's Department. Part of their logo says "In God We Trust" all in capital letters, but the way the fibers laid and the small size of the font, the text appeared to read "In Dog We Trust". This got picked up and went viral as people found the story amusing. Even nicer, the sheriff's department then auctioned off the rug and raised nearly $10K for a local animal rescue (

The people spoke: you wanted an "in dog we trust" mat of your own and while we couldn't reprint the exact mat, we made several versions of it and will donate a portion of the proceeds to Puppies Behind Bars, a four-star charity on Charity Navigator. The K-9 training they do couldn't be a better fit with the origins of the mat. (
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