Melt Step Snow Melting Mats

Melt Step Snow Melting Mats provide a safe, reliable solution for walkways that get slippery from snow and ice accumulation. These melt step mats increase traction with their slip-resistant surface and constant temperature to prevent snow /ice buildup by exterior doors & entryways.

• Melt Step Mats are safe, effective, durable and linkable making these snow melting mats a perfect solution for icy, slippery walkways.

• Melt Step Snow Melting Mats have a safe, waterproof, electrical connection with a GFCI switch while remaining flexible, even in subfreezing temperatures. The heating element is safely sandwiched between two protective rubber surfaces of non-slip rubber that heat up to approximately 45°F above the surrounding air temperature.

• These outdoor rubber mats plug into any standard 120V electrical outlet. Melt Step Mats can safely be left outdoors for the entire season.

• Up to 4 mats, each 3' x 5', can be connected in sequence to cover up to 20 linear feet of walkway. Mats are available with or without the 6' power cord (120 volts) with GFCI switch; 6' extension cord sold separately.

• Each Melt Step Outdoor Rubber Mat is constructed of molded nitrile rubber while remaining waterproof, UV-resistant, and flexible even in freezing temperatures and is certified as a high-traction floor mat by the National Floor Safety Institute.

• Entrances, sidewalks, ramps, handicap-accessible structures, loading docks, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, schools, churches, private homes, garages, and more.


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    1 $478.83
    2-10 $468.40
    11-25 $462.26
    26-100 $453.42
    1 $509.47
    2-10 $498.80
    11-25 $486.70
    26-100 $480.53
    1 $49.31
    2-10 $47.48
    11-25 $46.03
    26-100 $44.75
    1 $55.08
    2-10 $53.44
    11-25 $52.32
    26-100 $50.86
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