Personalized Coco Door Mats

Personalized Coco Door Mats are coarse door mats made from coconut husk fibers and detailed with your family or business name. The coco fibers function like brush bristles to scrape and clean shoes. Your name is dyed into the mat for long-wearing durability yet these personalized coco mats remain tough on dirt and moisture.

• 1" thick pile helps to trap & hold dirt below the walking surface to help prevent debris from being tracked inside.

• Available with and without the matching color border.

• Personalized coco mats demonstrate your commitment to the environment since these door mats come from natural, renewable components.

Due to this particular production facility being temporarily closed after being deemed a 'non-essential business' by the state of PA, all folding gym mat orders will have a much longer lead time.

• Ideal for light-moderate traffic, indoor & outdoor locations.

• Up to 15 characters (including letters and numbers) can be included on these personalized mats. All text is displayed in Georgia Font.

** Please use the Logo Instructions box to specify any instructions for placement, orientation and/or color.

Item No: LPCDM

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Personalized Coco Door Mats

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