Power Platform Rubber Mats

Shock Absorbent Power Platform Rubber Mats are extreme-duty, interlocking rubber mats that offer unsurpassed floor protection for high impact activities. This rubber power platform can work as a stand-alone punishment pad or be placed on top of existing rubber flooring for maximum floor protection.

• Each mat is composed of two interlocking rubber sections to form a larger shock absorbent platform.

• Power Platform Rubber Mats are 3/4" thick.

• The Cross-Cushion construction on the underside of these rubber mats provides for ultimate shock absorption and floor protection.

• These power platform gym mats have beveled (sloped, no-teeth) edges around the entire perimeter for a smoother transition on and off the mat.

• The non-porous, indestructible, vulcanized rubber on these platform mats has a textured surface for improved traction.

• Shock Absorbent Power Platform Rubber Mats are excellent for use under heavy workout equipment and weight-lifting machinery.


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Standard Configuration

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Standard Sizes (Approximate)
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1 $250.00
2-10 $240.00
11-25 $235.00
26+ $230.00
1 $299.96
2-10 $295.52
11-25 $288.40
26+ $276.64
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