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StepWell Sanitizing Mats

StepWell Sanitizing Mats are an ideal floor matting system for safely cleaning, disinfecting and drying shoes in any environment. This two-part sanitizing mat system employs a 2' x 3' disinfectant-containing well with an abrasive insert followed by a 3' x 5' carpeted area to wipe away the finer particles and dry shoes before entering any area.

• 3 eye-catching designs.

• The replaceable, abrasive insert aggressively scrapes off dirt and debris from shoes, allowing the sanitizing solution to cover the entire bottom of the shoe while also doubling as a splash guard.

• The Well holds one insert and approximately 84 ounces (2.5 L) of sanitizing solution (not included).

• Each 3' x 7' mat includes one 2' x 3' insert - additional inserts are available in packs of four.

• Compatible with most sanitizing/disinfecting solutions. (Works best with quaternary and hydrogen peroxide sanitizing solutions though can be used with diluted chlorine bleach solutions.)

• Ideal for use in food processing, healthcare and childcare facilities, or any area where increased protection from germs is important.


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