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TracStep Motorcycle Garage Mat Kits

Our Tracstep Motorcycle Garage Mats is a complete kit for your garage parking needs. The classic checkered or striped design provides a sleek look and is easy to clean and maintain.

Made of durable, commercial-grade polypropylene, these interlocking tile motorcycle garage mats are known for their good looks, excellent stain and chemical resistance, and easy cleanup.

The newly updated textured surface pattern helps prevent slips even when wet and gives you a firm footing while work on the bike.

These TracStep Motorcycle Mats can be easily disassembled for cleaning or storage. Sets are either 32 (4' x 8') or 50 (5' x 10') interlocking tiles and each tile is 12” x 12” and ½” thick.

• Available in 2 sizes: 4' x 8' and 5' x 10'
• 12" x 12" interlocking tiles - 1/2" thick
• Resists oil and other common garage chemicals
• Suitable for showrooms and commercial use
• 16 great colors to choose from, including checkered patterns

For a checkerboard pattern, select a Multi-Tone color combination when purchasing a Set.


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Standard Configuration

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Standard Sizes (Approximate)
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1 $159.00
2-10 $155.00
11+ $155.00
1 $225.00
2-10 $219.00
11+ $215.00

Customer Questions & Answers

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Can you use a car floor jack on these Tracstep Tiles?
- John M.

We would recommend first placing a piece of plywood or sturdy metal sheet under the jack to prevent any damage to the tile below.

Can truck tires easily turn on the tiles / will it damage them?
- Nina B.

Vehicle tires can easily turn on these tiles and will not cause any damage or deterioration to the integrity of the TractStep tiles.

Can the tiles pop out when driven over?
- Jane W.

Tracstep Interlocking Tiles are securely held in place with the proprietary 24-point interlocking system and will stay firmly in place.

Can I place a large upright freezer, tool chest and backup generator on these Tracstep Tiles inside my garage?
- George M.

Certainly - each tile is designed to hold 1000s of pounds and can easily withstand the weight of large appliances and the like without issue.

Does the white color fade/yellow as it ages?
- Art V.

All Tracstep tiles are stain-, fade-, mildew- and UV-resistant and will not fade or change colors over time, even when exposed to long hours of direct sunlight.

How can you cut down these interlocking garage tiles?
- Cindy C.

Tractstep Tiles can be cut using a utility (razor) knife with a fresh blade for smaller jobs or for larger projects a tile cutter or even a chop saw with a fine-tooth blade can provide a clean cut.  (Please note that cutting off the edge of a tile will prevent you from adding a beveled edge to it.)

Will hot tires damage tiles, especially on a cold or wet day?
- Mark S.

Made from a commercial-grade, proprietary polypropylene formula, these interlocking garage tiles will not get damaged by frequent exposure to hot tires (regardless of the temperature outside and/or in the garage).

My garage isn't perfectly smooth - there are areas where the epoxy / paint are missing and there are small chips and cracks in the floor. Is that okay?
- Hannah M.

No problem!  The TracStep Interlocking Tiles can easily and safely be placed on top of a floor with hairline cracks, small holes and pits and chips.  The tiles will still perform well and will not come apart.  These tiles are designed for use on floor that can have imperfections.

How well do these hold up in carports where there are no walls and the space isn't heated or cooled?
- Harper C.

Just fine!  These heavy-duty garage tiles are designed for use in a multitude of environments and can easily withstand the rain, snow, wind, sun and other elements that come with using a carport.  Please note, however, that if the tiles are in direct sunlight they may ever so slightly expand compared to use in a closed environment and then shrink back when the sun's gone.  This won't affect the performance or durability of the tile but just something to note.

Do the TracStep Garage Tiles come with a warranty?
- Hershel W.

These interlocking tiles come with a 20-year against manufacturing defects.  These Tracstep tiles are designed for use in residential and commercial spaces and engineering to handle heavy traffic, all types of weather, hot tires, and just about anything else you can throw at them!

Where are these tiles made?
- Hunter D.

The Tracstep Tile product line is manufactured here in the US from American-sourced raw materials to ensure high-quality production and first-rate craftsmanship.

Can road salt do damage to the tiles, especially if they sit on the tiles for a long time?
- Elaine B.

Road salts (or any salts thrown on the ground during snowstorms) will not negatively affect the tiles in any way.  The easiest way to clean the salt is to wait until the garage is dry and then simply sweep, shop vac or use a leaf blower to get the salt off the floor.

How tight is the seal between the tiles? Can water get through?
- Julia L.

Although some of our garage tiles have a watertight seal between adjacent tiles, the TracStep garage tiles can allow a little bit of moisture through.  Even though liquids can penetrate between the tiles the flipside is that this also allows the water to evaporate from the floor and move right back through these seams to help the floor dry quickly.

Is an underlayment needed beneath the TracStep tiles?
- Arnold V.

No, an underlayment is not necessary for use - simply using the tiles on top of the existing floor will work just fine.

Will oil or other engine fluids eat through these tiles?
- Honey B.

TracStep tiles are manufactured from heavy-duty, premium-grade polypropylene with a rigid construction and these fluids would not eat away at or stain the tiles though it is recommended to always clean up any leaks or spills quickly (regardless of the flooring in place).

Will a radiant heated floor hurt the tiles?
- Jesse J.

Not at all - the TracStep product line can safely be used on top of any radiant heating floor system.

I have a floor drain in the middle of the garage. Can these tiles accommodate water flow underneath?
- Caleb H.

Certainly.  Having a floor drain (regardless of it's position in the garage) will not be a problem for these tiles and the underside of each tile is designed to allow moisture flow in all directions.

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