Waterguard Mats

Waterguard Mats are heavy-duty, commercial-grade floor mats, designed to help clean dirt and moisture from shoes in the most demanding environments. Waterguard floor mats are composed of a durable rubber backing, which grips the floor, and a stain and fade resistant polypropylene surface for years of use both indoors and outside. All waterguard mats boast an aggressive cleaning surface to work into the grooves of shoes, scraping off dirt and debris as well as finer particles, dust, water and snow. Water guard mats can hold up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard and thus help keep surrounding floors dry and safe. Every waterguard mat comes with an unmatched warranty.
WaterGuard Classic Entrance Mat

WaterGuard Classic Entrance Mat

• Most popular entrance floor mats in the mat industry
• Raised-square or "waffle" pattern superbly removes dirt and moisture
• Polypropylene surface material dries quickly and will not fade nor rot
• Floor mat's water dam border can hold 1.5 gallons per square yard
• Heavy-duty rubber backing and reinforced nubs just below the surface
• Ideal for moderate to heavy-traffic, indoor / outdoor locations
• 20% recycled content

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WaterGuard Premier Entrance Mats

WaterGuard Premier Entrance Mats

• Top performing entrance mat within the industry
• WaterGuard's diamond pattern scrapes away dirt and water
• Polypropylene surface dries quickly and does not fade or rot
• Rubber reinforced surface, borders and backing for incredible strength
• Ideal for heavy-traffic, indoor / outdoor locations
Half-Oval WaterGuard Diamond Entrance Mats

Half-Oval WaterGuard Diamond Entrance Mats

• Attractive design for a more inviting entrance
• Polypropylene fabric quickly dries and will not fade nor rot
• High-low surface pattern effectively removes dirt and debris
• Water dam borders hold in water to keep surrounding floors dry
• Ideal for medium to heavy traffic, indoor / covered outdoor areas

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