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Flocked Carpet Logo Mats

Flocked Carpet Mats are logo floor mats that use a distinct flocking process, where the design is felted onto the mat's surface to produce a crisp, clear design.

• Nylon flock is permanently adhered to the mat's surface creating strong visual effects with a slightly raised texture.

• Choose either a 1 or 2 color design, selecting from the 28 standard flocked logo colors available.

• Flocked logo mats are ideal for lighter use areas and also shorter term / promotional use.

• Olefin yarn is stain, soil and mildew resistant.

• A one-time $95 artwork setup fee will be charged per logo mat order (only after the artwork is completed and the design proof is approved).

** Please use the Logo Instructions box to indicate specific instructions for logo placement and color.

** PLEASE NOTE: An artist's proof of the logo floor mat will be emailed to you for approval before production.

Item No: FlockedCarpet

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Standard Configuration

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Standard Sizes (Approximate)
Tap Row For Volume PricingorShow All
1 $39.00
2-4 $38.00
5-9 $36.00
10-5000 $33.00
1 $59.00
2-4 $58.00
5-9 $54.00
10-5000 $49.00
1 $89.00
2-4 $85.00
5-9 $81.00
10-5000 $76.00
1 $106.00
2-4 $101.00
5-9 $97.00
10-5000 $91.00
1 $161.00
2-4 $154.00
5-9 $147.00
10-5000 $138.00
1 $59.00
2-4 $54.00
5-9 $49.00
10-5000 $45.00
1 $89.00
2-4 $83.00
5-9 $76.00
10-5000 $69.00
1 $119.00
2-4 $113.00
5-9 $106.00
10-5000 $101.00
1 $136.00
2-4 $129.00
5-9 $122.00
10-5000 $115.00
1 $189.00
2-4 $182.00
5-9 $175.00
10+ $166.00

Customer Questions & Answers

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Will I see a design proof before the mat is made?
- Stuart F.

Absolutely!  Our Art Department design team will put together a digital rendering of how your logo will look on the mat, showing the proper sizing, colors and overall layout and then email it to you for your review and approval.  If any design modifications are needed, we're happy to update the design proof accordingly and send it right back over.  No mats are manufactured without customer approval.

Can I use more than 1 logo design on a mat? Can I add text as well?
- John O.

Yes and yes!  Although adding more logos requires that they be smaller so they can fit, we're happy to add as many as needed.  Also, messages, phone numbers, websites and any other text can easily be added in any color and font.

What if I don't have a logo? Do you have artwork we can use or can we just use text?
- Nancy W.

We house an extensive collection of available designs (all free to use) that can be found by clicking on the 'Search Our Logo Mat Database' button.  From there simply type what you're looking for.  For instance, if you enter the word "tiger" a myriad of different tiger images will appear.  You can take a design as is or mix and match images, colors, wording, etc.  If simple text is what's needed, that can easily be put together for you as well in many different colors, fonts and layouts to choose from.

Can I get a digital design proof without placing an order / submitting my credit card info? How long does it take?
- Shannon G.

We're happy to offer free logo mat design proofs to see what the logo design will look like on the mat before placing a formal order.  These no-cost proofs take about 1 day to create and will be emailed to you once ready.  Should any updates or modifications be needed, these can typically be accomplished same/next day.  We work with you until you're completely satisfied with the way the logo mat proof looks and only produce mats once we receive approval to proceed.

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