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Standing Desk Mats

Standing Desk Mats have become just as important as standing desks themselves - if users are going to be standing for long periods of time, it's imperative to find the proper anti-fatigue standing mat to help protect and cushion the feet, legs, knees, hips, back and neck. Standing Desk Chair Mats are designed to function when people are both sitting and standing up. Having the proper standing desk floor mat will help promote better health and greater productivity. A standing desk mat has to be firm enough so that it doesn't 'pancake' underfoot (and especially under the wheels of an office desk chair) but also soft enough to provide the comfort and rebound needed for standing in place for hours at a time.
Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mats

Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mats

Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats are heavy duty comfort mats designed for use in front of sit/stand desks and are made from a 3/16" thick industrial-grade vinyl surface that is reinforced with embedded nylon cord and a comfortable, sponge base.

• Surface can withstand pressure from chairs and stools
• Available in both 9/16" and 15/16" thicknesses
• Ideal for standing workstations and sit/stand desks
Sit or Stand Mats

Sit or Stand Mats

Sit or Stand Mats combine the best of both worlds - a clear, heavy-duty vinyl rear to allow easy movement while seated in a desk chair and a cushioned foam front portion for enhanced comfort while standing at a workstation desk.

• Clear vinyl backing for use when seated.
• Black cushion foam front for use when standing.
• Ideal for any sitting/standing desk or workstation.
Get Fit StandUp Anti-Fatigue Mats

Get Fit StandUp Anti-Fatigue Mats

Get Fit Stand Up Anti-Fatigue Mats are stylish, comfortable standing desk anti-fatigue mats that are ideal for standing desks. These comfort mats are constructed with a heavy-duty Nitrile rubber core and, for some colors, a fabric top for superior comfort with an eye-catching design.

• Exception comfort and style
• Available 5/8" thick with beveled edges
• Available in 9 different colors and patterns
Sit Stand Posture Mat

Sit Stand Posture Mat

Posture Mat is an exceptionally comfortable anti-fatigue mat for standing workers in stationary positions, ideal for sit-stand desks and individual standing workstations. Tri-layer energized dual foam construction helps improve balance with a firm yet comfortable feel for a stable surface that provides support and ergonomic comfort.

• Overall Thickness: 5/8"
• Handle for easy transport and storage
• Smooth top surface with an attractive textured pattern
• PVC surface coating protects against sharp object and heel damage
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