Bathroom Toilet Mats

Toilet mats are the answer to slippery, foul-smelling floors beneath commodes.

Restroom stalls are rarely cleaned during their most heavily-used hours, which may allow the floor surrounding the toilet to become wet. Bathroom toilet mats address this problem directly.

• Both urine and leaking water can cause slippery surfaces and foul odors. These toilet mats provide traction and a dry surface for patrons to comfortably stand on without fear of slipping or having their shoes absorb any liquids.

• Urine can often cause tile floors to erode; these restroom mats have an anti-microbial agent that helps prevent any erosion from occurring.

• Outside dimensions of these toilet mats are 21" x 24" while the inside dimensions are 10.5" W x 13" H

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Bathroom Toilet Mats

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