Medical Mats

Medical Mats are scientifically engineered with patented gel technology to provide long-lasting relief from the aches and pains from standing on hard floor surfaces and provides superior comfort to doctors, surgeons, and technicians.

• Medical Mats have specialized gel that contours to feet to relieve fatigue and a foam layer to further reduce discomfort to neck, back, legs, knees and feet.

• These surgical mats boast both anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties for use in labs as well as surgical and operating rooms.

• The top surface of these medical mats provide the necessary friction to maintain traction while wearing both damp or dry surgical booties.

• Easily clean these medical mats with any hospital grade quaternary cleaners.

• Each of these surgical mats is both NFPA 260 and Cal 117 compliant. Medical Mats are also certified by the National Floor Safety Institute to ensure the highest level of traction.

• Latex free construction.


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Medical Mats
  • Medical Mats
  • Medical Mats
  • Medical Mats
  • Medical Mats

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1 $110.00
2-10 $108.00
11-25 $106.00
26+ $104.00
1 $160.00
2-10 $158.00
11-25 $156.00
26+ $154.00
1 $210.00
2-10 $208.00
11-25 $206.00
26+ $204.00
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