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Clear Garage Flooring

Keeps your garage looking better than new!

Show off your floors with our clear roll-out garage flooring protection. Use in your garage to protect and show off your existing floors. This clear vinyl flooring comes in 3 popular surface patterns.

• 55 mil thick (>25% thicker than competitor knockoffs)
• No adhesives required
• Easy to roll-out, install, and cut for custom fit
• Extra durable construction for years of use
• Will not roll up when driven on
• Easy to clean

..Sizes listed below in red are priced at an additional 10% Off!

Other benefits of our clear roll-out floor protector:

• Allows your existing floor to show through
• Protects your existing floors from dirt, debris, oil, grease, salt and water - and makes cleaning up easy
• Provides thermal insulation and noise reduction
• Serves as a non-slip surface when exiting your vehicle


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    Standard Configuration

    Standard Sizes (Approximate)
    Tap Row For Volume PricingorShow All
    1 $166.00
    2+ $163.00
    1 $214.00
    2+ $212.00
    1 $249.00
    2+ $247.00
    1 $322.00
    2+ $319.00
    1 $396.00
    2+ $394.00
    1 $456.00
    2+ $452.00
    1 $528.00
    2+ $524.00
    1 $643.00
    2+ $638.00
    1 $322.00
    2+ $319.00
    1 $376.00
    2+ $372.00
    1 $295.00
    2+ $284.00
    1 $472.00
    2+ $468.00
    1 $852.00
    2+ $844.00
    1 $976.00
    2+ $964.00
    1 $1,156.00
    2+ $1,140.00
    1 $1,384.00
    2+ $1,372.00
    1 $1,756.00
    2+ $1,740.00
    1 $1,932.00
    2+ $1,908.00
    Custom Sizes - Per Sq. Ft. (Approximate)
    Tap Row For Volume PricingorShow All
    1 $5.96
    2+ $5.84
    1 $7.84
    2+ $7.76
    1 $8.36
    2+ $8.24
    1 $9.12
    2+ $9.00
    1 $9.84
    2+ $9.72
    1 $9.84
    2+ $9.72
    Standard Colors (Click any image to Enlarge)

    Customer Questions & Answers

    Can't find the answer you need? Ask a Question
    Can I use a floor jack on these garage rolls?
    - Roger D.

    Yes, a car jack can be safely used on top of the roll matting without damaging the floor.  Please note that if you leave the jack in place for a longer period of time there may be a slight indentation on the mat once the floor jack is moved elsewhere.  However, an indentation won't affect the functionality or durability of the matting.

    Will road salts / sidewalk salts damage the matting?
    - Adam H.

    No.  Salts of any kind are not a problem for the garage matting and do not need to be removed or addressed any differently than other debris.

    My garage floor has a few hairline cracks running through it and some minor pits and gouges in areas. Can I still safely use the roll out garage flooring?
    - Joe E.

    These garage flooring rolls can be safely used over a garage floor that has small imperfections like those mentioned above.  Small cracks, pits and scrapes are common to most garage floors and these mats can certainly accommodate those situations.  For more substantial gouges or deeper pits that could telegraph through the matting, it would be best to fill them in before laying down the garage flooring since although the matting would be fine for a time, eventually the unevenness could stretch or tear the matting if driven over a great deal.

    I want to secure my roll matting to the floor of the garage but don't want to use glue. What do you recommend?
    - Richard S.

    In addition to a releasable adhesive, we also carry a heavy-duty, double-sided Garage Floor Mat Seaming Tape that will secure the matting in place but not damage or stain the floor below.

    Will this hold up well if I used it to cover the floor of my fishing boat?
    - Jimmy M.

    You can certainly use these garage floor rolls to cover the floor of your boat.  We recommend that the floor of the boat be cleaned (and dry) before installing.  The matting itself should be glued down using outdoor Garage Flooring Adhesive. This matting is stain, mold and mildew resistant and will hold up to the sun and water (even salt water) exposure.

    I'm particularly sensitive to smells. Do these garage flooring rolls have an odor?
    - Donna D.

    Garage Floor Matting Rolls are manufactured here in the US from premium ingredients and do not contain fillers or any toxic additives.  The garage rolls are composed of 100% pure vinyl and although it's possible to have a very faint 'new car smell' once received, the smell, if any, will quickly dissipate.  The rolls can be installed indoors after receiving them - there's no need to air them out first.  If you do find that there is a faint smell, a little liquid soap and warm water will help remove it more quickly.

    I have a carport and am wondering if these rolls will hold up to sun, snow and temperature changes.
    - Donny I.

    Garage Roll Matting is perfectly suited for use in carports in which the rolls are exposed directly to the elements (rain, snow, sun, wind, temperature changes, etc.).  Thanks to it's composition and manufacturing process, these garage mats are fade- and mildew-resistant and will not absorb rain or snow that may blow in while remaining slip-resistant thanks to their textured surface pattern.  If being used wall-to-wall, and especially in environments where the temperature changes a lot, you may want to secure the matting with our Outdoor Garage Floor Adhesive to help keep it firmly in place and help prevent expansion and contraction.

    Where are these garage floor rolls made?
    - Bernie T.

    All garage floor roll matting is manufactured here in the US from American sourced raw materials which ensures a high-quality, durable floor matting product that lasts for years, even under the most demanding conditions and in the harshest environments.

    Will these roll-out garage flooring rolls expand or contract?
    - Dan S.

    Although minimal and only occurring with more extreme temperature swings, it is possible for the matting to slightly expand when the matting gets rather warm and contract just a bit when the temperature drops a lot.  Temperature fluctuation won't damage or deteriorate the matting in any way.  However, if installing wall-to-wall, it's a good idea to leave a slight gap (about 1/4" on each side) to allow for this phenomenon.

    Will these garage flooring rolls slide around when I drive my truck across?
    - Sammy H.

    Garage Flooring Rolls have a lot of surface contact with the floor below and tend to stay in place quite well, even when driven over frequently and even with larger vehicles.  For residential and light commercial use, the need for glue or tape is rarely necessary.  Rain water and snow will not make the matting slide around any more than dry conditions.

    Will water or snow in the garage get absorbed into the roll matting?
    - Jane A.

    These garage floor rolls are manufactured from pure, commercial-grade, 100% polyvinyl and will not absorb liquids, even if they're on the mat for an extended period and not cleaned or dried.  Should you want to remove the moisture (though not at all necessary) a dry cloth, mop or rag will do the trick!

    How can I cut the roll - the matting needs to go around some cabinets and a few steps in my garage?
    - Donald F.

    Although incredibly strong, garage flooring rolls can easily be cut to fit with a utility (razor) knife with a sharp blade.  It's best to mark the matting with a pencil (and a straight edge or ruler) and then cut along the line for a perfect fit.  Cutting the garage matting will not damage or deteriorate the remaining material.

    Can these rolls be placed over the epoxy floor in the garage? Will it react with the epoxy?
    - Rob P.

    Garage flooring rolls can safely be used on top of epoxy flooring (whether new or old) and not negatively react with or damage the flooring.

    Is this garage flooring safe to use in our basement? We have kids and pets and want to make sure it can be safely used inside.
    - Brian M.

    Absolutely!  There are no toxic ingredients or harmful odors associated with these mats and are rated safe for humans and animals, for use indoors in both commercial and residential locations.  Should any particular information be needed, a spec sheet with pertinent rating information can be sent to you.

    Are these roll mats safe to install over radiant heated floors?
    - Marvin G.

    Certainly - all of our garage flooring products can safely be installed on top of any type of radiant flooring without any concern for the matting or the floor below.

    Can I park my motorcycle on top of the mats without the kickstand (or center stand) damaging them?
    - CeCe D.

    A kick stand / center stand will not damage the garage flooring and can safely be parked on top of this roll material without worry.

    How should I clean my garage flooring?
    - Jacob D.

    Sweeping or vacuuming will remove most of the day-to-day dirt, dust and debris that gets tracked onto these garage mats.  A blower can also be used to blow everything out of the garage quickly and efficiently.  For mud, gum or more stubborn stains, using warm water and a little liquid soap should do the trick.  Engine fluids should not eat through the mat but if there is a spill on the mat, it's best to clean it up quickly.  Although very unlikely, it's possible that a stain could appear on a light colored mat from extended exposure to strong chemicals or road tar.

    How do I accommodate a floor drain in the center of my garage floor?
    - Adam Y.

    These garage roll mats can easily be cut with a utility knife.  After laying out the mat, mark the area needing to be removed and then trace the same mark with the knife.  Once removed, the matting will still continue to function properly without premature deterioration.

    I want to use these in my horse trailer and in the shed where we park the tractor. Will these rolls be tough enough to hold up for this use?
    - Aleceia B.

    Roll-out garage flooring is designed for heavy-duty use and can withstand a wide variety of applications including use in a trailer (including a horse trailer) and under tractors.  These rolls are stain, mildew and fade resistant, have a textured surface for enhanced traction and can easily be cut down to fit the contours of the floor of the trailer.  (Please note that we recommend gluing the garage flooring down for use in any trailer to ensure the matting stays securely in place).

    How can you seam two garage flooring mats together?
    - Kevin C.

    There are a few options for seaming two (or more) garage mats.  The first and easiest option is to simply overlap one roll onto another.  Take one roll and overlay 3-6" on top of the second roll.  Another way to connect two rolls is to use the Garage Floor Matting Center Connectors. Slide each roll into one end of the connector which grabs and holds onto the matting on both sides. Lastly, the matting can be seamed using the Garage Floor Mat Seaming Tape. This option gives the cleanest looking seam. After cleaning the edge of the first mat, roll it back and attach the double-sided tape to the underside, leaving roughly half of it exposed and protruding from the edge. After putting the first mat on the floor lift the second roll, clean the back edge and set it so that it lines up with the edge of the first roll. Although a little more work, this gives a smooth, seamless look with the tape being hidden from view underneath both mats.

    How heavy is the clear garage flooring? Can I install it myself?
    - Mr. B.

    Clear Garage Flooring rolls weigh about 0.6 lbs per square foot.  This durable, commercial-grade matting is heavy-duty enough for constant traffic but easy enough for one person to install (or, perhaps two people for larger, 10' wide rolls).

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